Monday, 20 April 2009

Riddikulus....Stupefy ....Obliviate ...Avada Kadavra

I am now in love with Harry Potter. I am almost done with the whole series and I am already wishing for another book after the 7th one. I recomend them to ANYONE. Like before and even at the beginning I didn't have any deisire to read any of the Harry Potter books even though I had been told they were great. But once I read the first one just to read, I couldn't stop and needed to get the next ones. They are so good!! The thing at the top are magical phrases.
Riddikulus Spell - Use this spell and laugh to defeat a boggart
Stupefy Spell - Knocks out opponent
Obliviate Charm - Erases memories
Avada Kadavra Curse - Murders opponent (Unforgivable)
Please read them if you haven't and are allowed to read them, they are great books that take you on a journey out of this world while you are reading them.

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Long Time No Post.....

I haven't posted anything thing for a really long time! It's probably because of Facebook. But oh well, I am going to try to start posting more. :)