Wednesday, 19 May 2010

One For The Abstract

I really enjoy abstract art. I think it's really a neat genre. One day in the future I'd like to own a piece. For now, I'll just admire at a distance.

These particular pictures were done with vibrant colors bringing a new take on modern abstract art. When you look at these types of paintings, it allows your mind to wonder and let piece be whatever you can imagine it to be. You can create your own storyline on what the artist was possibly thinking when creating this work of art.

Let your mind run wild.

Photo Cred: weheartit, ffffound, imgfav (nextimewillfindactualartists)

- Savannah
life in technicolour
- Savannah

Inspire Me This

Beautiful Sunny California.

The place I live is where others want to live. Where others think is so magical. The place with all the action:
The beach,
The mountians,
The valley,
The desert
Los Angeles
The places where celebrities play...
But to me, it's just another weekend trip to Los Angeles, another beach day.
Personally, California isn't all it's hyped up to be. For a matter of fact I'd rather be somewhere. I can't wait till the day I get out of California.
I'd rather be in New York City....
Or In North Carolina....
Or In Tennessee....
To me, these places are more inspiring then California could ever be.
I cant wait for the day till I am
photo cred: me

- Savannah

Thursday, 15 April 2010

She Will Be Loved

This past Tuesday, I watched the new flim "The Last Song" based on the book by Nicholas Sparks.
I wasn't to thrilled Miley Cyrus was in it-not being a Cyrus fan- but once I saw it, I was pleased. Sure someone else could've played the part a little better, but it honestly was one the best movies. I cried like it was the last time I could cry.
So saying that, I've dedicated this post to "The Last Song" the movie, the music, the clothes, and the place.
Lets start with the music. The soundtrack to this movie is just absolutely wonderful. I can honestly say I love every song. Unfortunately I could not get every song but it is on iTunes.

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Now the clothes in this movie weren't spectacular, but I just loved the casualness of it all and the way they layered the colours,patterns, and jewlery. Again I couldn't find the best pictuers.

If your up for a movie, ready to cry, and love a good story... then I would suggest you see this one.
- Savannah

Friday, 9 April 2010

Apres Moi

Photo Cred: julialeejoseph

So these past couple of weeks, or rather months, have just FLOWN by, unbelievably quick. But in the midst of all this flying by, I've been enjoying life, soaking in the sun, making memories with my friends, and believing in God and on top of all that, the days lately have been just absolutely gorgeous! I've made a decision to blog more regularly again.

"It might not be

The prettiest thing that you'll ever see

But it’s a new day"
- Savannah

Sunday, 31 January 2010

Chilled By The Sun.

It feels like I haven't posted for years.
The reason why:
I've been really really sick. Since I have been a vegitarian for 2 1/2 years, I have lost a lot of iron and protien in my body, in which causing me to get sick easily and stay sick very long. So now, I begin the long process of gaining all the good stuff back. But on top of the, I have been having the symptoms of mono. I've taken a blood test and now awaiting to see the results. I pray that I don't have it.

On a more brighte note, the sunshine is feeling wonderful. I am loving this weather we're having  here in Southern California, somedays raining, somedays cloudy, somedays sunny, somedays chilly. It's wonderful. Now I just can't wait until I have enough energy to run.

enjoy the sun.

- Savannah

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Daily Does Of Inspiration: Chanel

Chanel is a classy, Chanel is an icon, Chanel is world known.
Every fashion lover desires to own a Chanel piece.

- Savannah

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

New Music

Lissy Trullie

Lissy Trullie definitely sounds different than she looks. When I first saw a picture of her I never imagined her to have the sound she does. She has a very french european look to her, but that's not exactly her sound.  Lissy's music, is music that people of this day would seem to take to a liking. I first discovered Lissy while flipping through the summer music issue of Nylon magizine. I decided to look her up, and I liked what I heard.
Here are three of her songs:

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- Savannah

Monday, 4 January 2010

Daily Dose Of Inspiration: Your Imagination!

Ah, imagination. I think imagination is key to living a life well lived ( besides love and some other important traits.) Without an imagination, we wouldn't have wonderful photography, drawings, clothes, stories, songs... basically everything. Your imagination is so important. It's such an amazing thing us humans are designed with, so use it wisely. And never give up on it. It could always be of some use.

- Savannah

Saturday, 2 January 2010

An End

Malheureusement(sadly in French), my day's on vacation are coming to an end. I absolutely love vacation weeks. They are the best parts about school actually (besides the friends aspect). Personally I don't think two weeks is enough to suit just about anybody really. Everyone I've talked to is dreading waking up on Monday to the horrid, consistant beeps of their alarm clock, only to freeze while getting dressed, then pretend like they are listening in first period. When in fact they are just complaining in their mind on why school is such a drag.

On a more than wonderful note... I have enjoyed quite much my last days on vacation. I have done a TREMENDOUS amount of bike riding since reciving my first beach crusie. It's beautiful. Pink and white. Love it!

In my scarce spare time, I do what I do best. Daydream and think, and worry. In fact I think I do all of that way too much.

But I got side tracked from that O- SO- IMPORTANT matter of buissness and decided to make some New Years Resolutions.

1. Play my guitars more
2. Be more attentive to my work ( no more sloppy joe type work)
3. Eat better
4. Most important as Jason Mraz would say just BE LOVE.

I think when you don't feel loved you have the excuse of saying it's hard for me to love. But I think that is 100% completely wrong. You are far from the first person to use that excuse. Love is, without a doubt the greatest thing to be experinced, felt, seen, or heard... in the universe.

- Savannah