Thursday, 15 April 2010

She Will Be Loved

This past Tuesday, I watched the new flim "The Last Song" based on the book by Nicholas Sparks.
I wasn't to thrilled Miley Cyrus was in it-not being a Cyrus fan- but once I saw it, I was pleased. Sure someone else could've played the part a little better, but it honestly was one the best movies. I cried like it was the last time I could cry.
So saying that, I've dedicated this post to "The Last Song" the movie, the music, the clothes, and the place.
Lets start with the music. The soundtrack to this movie is just absolutely wonderful. I can honestly say I love every song. Unfortunately I could not get every song but it is on iTunes.

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Now the clothes in this movie weren't spectacular, but I just loved the casualness of it all and the way they layered the colours,patterns, and jewlery. Again I couldn't find the best pictuers.

If your up for a movie, ready to cry, and love a good story... then I would suggest you see this one.
- Savannah

Friday, 9 April 2010

Apres Moi

Photo Cred: julialeejoseph

So these past couple of weeks, or rather months, have just FLOWN by, unbelievably quick. But in the midst of all this flying by, I've been enjoying life, soaking in the sun, making memories with my friends, and believing in God and on top of all that, the days lately have been just absolutely gorgeous! I've made a decision to blog more regularly again.

"It might not be

The prettiest thing that you'll ever see

But it’s a new day"
- Savannah