Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Daily Dose of Inspiration: Alice In Wonderland

Yes, Alice In Wonderland. This classic is so inspirational if you think about it. It has been the inspiration for so many fashion shoots, designs, outfits, and so many other things. When you look at Alice inspired things, you truely do find your self in a wonderland. Everything about it is so different and interesting you find your self slipping into that fantasy world.

A new mother, and designer of jewlery was inspired by Alice just as I was. She sank into the wonderland and created this lovely necklace:

I am not exactly sure what this video was based off, but sure dose resemble some thing Alice and Wonderland themed. Enjoy one of my favourite things to watch: The Fear - Lily Allen

- Savannah


Anonymous said...

whoa, this post was beautiful! I loved all the pictures, and you're right, it is inspriational in many ways.

The Groovy Hotspot said...

cute song...;)

Jennalee said...

ok i cannot wait until the new movie comes out!
you never check or comment on my blog...u should more :)

FemmeLaMode said...

oh i love alice in wonderland inspired fashion! and i cant wait for the new movie!!! love that necklace :)
looking forward to more of your posts in the new year.

English Rose ♥ said...

i am in LOVE with your blog!

Such a cute post - i love the necklace!

Thanks so much for the lovely comment

I hope you had a fabulous Christmas =]

Stay safe and chic darling
English Rose x