Tuesday, 15 December 2009

December Vogue Bliss

When you grab a Vogue magazine and flip the pages all in one big motion, you can smell the invigorating aroma's of the perfume samples.

Juicy Couture - Couture Couture
Yves Saint Laurent - Parisienne
Dolce & Gabbana - The One

Also in this months Vogue was one of THE most goreous dresses I have laid eyes upon. It was a ball gown by  Christian Dior. What I would give to own this BEAUTIFUL dress.

Vogue never stops delievering. For the December issue, they had a Hanzel and Gretyl inspired photoshoot. For this they had two amazing models:
Actor Andrew Garfield
Model Lily Cole
To make it even more interesting they had none other than the pop phenomenon, Lady Gaga come in for the shoot as well.
Gaga, with her outrageous sense of fashion showed up to set one day naked, accept for a white rubber coat and very tall heels.
The Hanzel and Gretyl shoot ended up being amazing, and totally inspiring. You felt like you were in a fantasy land while looking at these pictures. Lily, Andrew, and Gaga were wonderful.
Feast Your Eyes:

(Hanzel and Gretyl photos: Annie Leibovitz)
- Savannah


maddie. said...

okay so i absalutly love these. i have a feeling i should start looking at vogue! haha, because i think these are aaammzzaing:)

Anonymous said...

Yes! Agree. I was reading Vogue and saw this amazing pictures in there. Lady Gaga is definitly a character that's for sure. But I like it. Keep up the great work

p.s. stunning Dior dress!

Laurel said...

Oh I love the YSL smell too!

Natasha.Scarlett said...

love it! <3 the dior dress is amazing!

Savannah Rose said...

Thanks :)

Jennalee said...

I'm in love with that dress.