Saturday, 2 January 2010

An End

Malheureusement(sadly in French), my day's on vacation are coming to an end. I absolutely love vacation weeks. They are the best parts about school actually (besides the friends aspect). Personally I don't think two weeks is enough to suit just about anybody really. Everyone I've talked to is dreading waking up on Monday to the horrid, consistant beeps of their alarm clock, only to freeze while getting dressed, then pretend like they are listening in first period. When in fact they are just complaining in their mind on why school is such a drag.

On a more than wonderful note... I have enjoyed quite much my last days on vacation. I have done a TREMENDOUS amount of bike riding since reciving my first beach crusie. It's beautiful. Pink and white. Love it!

In my scarce spare time, I do what I do best. Daydream and think, and worry. In fact I think I do all of that way too much.

But I got side tracked from that O- SO- IMPORTANT matter of buissness and decided to make some New Years Resolutions.

1. Play my guitars more
2. Be more attentive to my work ( no more sloppy joe type work)
3. Eat better
4. Most important as Jason Mraz would say just BE LOVE.

I think when you don't feel loved you have the excuse of saying it's hard for me to love. But I think that is 100% completely wrong. You are far from the first person to use that excuse. Love is, without a doubt the greatest thing to be experinced, felt, seen, or heard... in the universe.

- Savannah


Anonymous said...

I wish I had a long vacation too.

and I love your resolutions

Laurel said...

Your resolutions are wonderful

Jennalee said...

savannah this is simply the cutest post ever :)
my new years resolutions are
work out 5 days a week (which i have done perfectly so far) lol
and not drink soda for another full year...(i can only have 5 cheating times out of the year 2010)...i did it last year and only drank it 3 times! :)
and i am dreading school oh so much... i had a speech to memorize half of it this break...and I still have some more to do :( ugh... i love u savs :)