Tuesday, 23 June 2009

IN this post: Boredom,♥Katy Perry♥, the beach, what I am doing

I ran out of corny names for this post... so yeah. It's summer, and I am really bored. Usually in my free time, I make something, dance, listen to music, call people, facebook.... but today am not doing any of that. Just blogging. So......... I think that Katy Perry is like the best singer EVER! She is like seriously the coolest. I love her style. Her cute little jumpsuits. omg, I love them because they're not jeans. Personally I don't like jeans because your legs aren't free to like run, and dance as much as in shorts. That's why I always wear shorts. Her songs are almost all fun and dance-able. And she followed her dream, and did whatever it took to get there. I think that is the biggest part of why I like her so much. She is an inspiration to me that I should go after my dream with everything I have. I know some people may think she is a little to wild... but I look at it differently. I hope she is very succesful in all that she does.♥ Oh and tomorrow I am going to the beach its going to be really fun. I haven't seen Maddie in awhile so that will be cool. Plus all 4 of us will be together, it hasn't been like that for while actually. July 19th Harry Potter is coming to theatres. Very full of excitement. I am so retarded. I haven't been to the movies once this summer. If you want to see a movie call me, facebook me, email me, twitter me, whatever lets go! If you are reading.. have a good day, try new things, be WiLd!, and follow your dream*

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