Thursday, 25 June 2009

Siping applesauce at night.

So it's late and I am half way done with my applesauce. And I haven't posted in a couple days. Here's whats up. I have helped out at Crossroads VBS -which was really fun :) -, I went to the beach with Julia & Maddie, and her sister Lauren & her friend Sarah. THey are sooo cute. Then I have hung out with Maddie for awhile. We went shopping at the beach. Funness. I got new sunglasses FINALLY! (Katy Perry inspired) I have had a really fun week actually. But it's kinda setting in...... I really REALLY miss Emily. :( Too much).

If you are reading.. have a good day, try new things, be WiLd!, and follow your dream*
p.s i finished. lol.


maddie. said...

hehe i had a blastw ith yaa


Anonymous said...