Sunday, 27 December 2009

GaGa for Christmas ( Daily Dose of Inspiration: Lady GaGa)

Well another Christmastime has come and gone. This year has seemed to be one of the fastest Christmas' yet. It seems like just yesterday when I was sitting dripping with sweat during the summer time, longing for the Christmas spirit. And now, I am bundling up next to the fire and shopping after Christmas sales. May I be one of the many to say that this Christmas was just simply amazing, and in more than just the gift way. But while speaking of gifts, I did get some very VERY good gifts this year. Ones in which I will be sure to post pictures of. But one piece that I look at, at least twice a day is this orange and gold Marc Jacobs necklace/pendant. It's so simple yet adds the perfect touch to any outfit it accompany's. I can't wait to put some use into it.

Right when I hear that name, my mouth automatically opens and I being to sing the catchy words: "Ra Ra-ah-ah-ah Roma Roma-ma GaGa Oh la-la Want your bad romance"
Yes, Lady GaGa is just another pop sensation, but she is also a fashion muse. Lady GaGa does things no one else dares to do. Yet sometimes, the New York singer is a little over the top she always keeps us guessing and waiting for what she's going to do next.
I know Lady GaGa isn't the best role model, and I am NOT at all saying she is but, I admire that she just does what she thinks is "cool" she really doesn't care, and that could be good or bad, but I am acknowledging the good of it. I enjoy Lady GaGa and I hope she brings more enjoyable things to come.

- Savannah


Anonymous said...

Oh I really want to see the necklace. Sounds lovely.

Laurel said...

I delinitely agree about Lady GaGa. I like her music too. And you're right I am always waiting to see what's next from her.

Savannah Rose said...

I will, I'll post a picture for sure.

Jennalee said...

she's crazy! but i love her...i honestly can say her songs always get me off of my butt and i start dancing to them :)

maddie. said...

okay your gonna kill me for forgetting to tell you..

LADY GAGA CONCERT! for part of her christmas present. i was so jealous. ill have her tell you all about it:)

Jennalee said...

oh my gosh maddie tessa is so lucckkky! and jordan is just a great boyfriend lol!