Monday, 4 January 2010

Daily Dose Of Inspiration: Your Imagination!

Ah, imagination. I think imagination is key to living a life well lived ( besides love and some other important traits.) Without an imagination, we wouldn't have wonderful photography, drawings, clothes, stories, songs... basically everything. Your imagination is so important. It's such an amazing thing us humans are designed with, so use it wisely. And never give up on it. It could always be of some use.

- Savannah


Jennalee said...

Amen. i love this post savannah! please check out my blog when you can, i've been doing some of my pictures of inspiration <3

Laurel said...

You are always one to capture me with your posts. I love it!

FemmeLaMode said...

These photos are absolutely gorgeous! thank you for the inspiration, i always look forward to reading your blog :)