Sunday, 19 July 2009

35 Isn't That Old.. Well Maybe For Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty has reached the 35 mark. This year the world icon Hello Kitty has turned 35 years old. Hello Kitty is known all over the world. She has so many fans.... and SO many products.
What a litter box

Hello Lily

Okay you really have to be obsessed to have a toaster with Hello Kitty imprinted on the bread... but you never know with this world :)

Marina sporting a Hello Kitty apron :)

So Happy 35th Hello Kitty the world sure enjoy's you ♥
A Diamond In The Rough.\<♥>/


maddie. said...

how adorbale :) i love hello kitty :D happy 35th ;)

Savannah Rose said...

hahahah :) I know huh. I thought Hello Kitty was some new thing... guess not.

Jennalee said...

haha i would have never guessed that hello kitty was that old! SHOCKER haha!!!! i think hello kitty's ok but thats just me...

Savannah Rose said...

I know right! lol. well my mom loved her as a kid so I guess :)