Thursday, 9 July 2009

More Enjoyable

Wow, wow, wow. I have not been without a friend once this whole week. Everyday. That's pretty crazy. But I am not complaining. I have had fun. My room is making it's progress! The curtains are up. I am very excited about that. I just can't wait for the chalk board to be done. But oh my I went on a bike excursion with a friend* the other to lunch and some stores. Oh I just loved it. I had such a wonderful time. I just adore bike riding. I think it is because when you ride a bike you feel so free!!!! Well maybe that's just me. But I love being on my own. It's a lot of fun. When I usually post ( well now at least) I am trying not to add so much "oh and we did this. lol. sooooloo much fun!! hahahah and then we did and then we did that." I would rather it appeal to people to read. So after that tid-bit of information. I think I am just about finished with this post.

-oh and by the way I am so mad at myself. I missed two whole days of posting. I had chances to post. I broke a very long streak! I am very mad, I was trying to post everyday ( that I could)


maddie. said...

hahah i love bike riding too :)

Savannah Rose said...

I know soooo much fun!!!