Sunday, 19 July 2009

Roasting Grapes.

I had gone and left the comforts of my home to go camping with my family. We had a wonderful time. Sleeping on the hard ground, barely getting any sleep, freezing. Yeah.. it was great. No.. it really was. Almost everyday we would go swim in the river. We visited Downtown Carmel. It was just absolutely adorable. I think one of my favorite features of our camp spot was that we had so many french neighbors. I just wanted to go over and talk to them all. But I didn't, and just observed the beauty of the language from afar. I have discovered so many new artists since my trip. I got this really neat magizine. It was pretty cool. The reason for the title is simply this. We where roasting s'more's when I got excited and wanted to roast other things so, the grapes just happened to be there. It didn't really work as I wanted it to. I still ate them though
On another Note♪
I really want to live in London. Really bad.
A Diamond In The Rough.\<♥>/


Jennalee said...

haha u roasted grapes ur the funniest girl ever.... lolz! did they taste werid?

maddie. said...

wow thats amazing, raosted grapes,, gotta love your excitness :)

were they good?

Savannah Rose said...

hahah. Yes I roasted grapes. Um.... they were just harder. But still grapes. Owen and I were hoping they'd turn into rasins. Even though I don't really fancy rasins

maddie. said...

haha that would jhave been the collest thing ever if they turned into raisin :)

Savannah Rose said...

I know huh?! lol. Speaking of rasins. We had a huge bag of trail mix on the way up with a bunch of different stuff (Including Rasins) when we got home only rasins were left. lol.

The Groovy Hotspot said...

havent you seen the raisin commercials? theyr all like "only grapes and sunshine, thats all that goes in to making our raisins" or something like not grapes and fire.