Sunday, 5 July 2009


I just decided to write the title all squished together... just in cause you were wondering, or thought I was crazy. So um.. well yesterday was America's Independance Day. Well that was luvvly-jubbly. What I did on that Independance Day. Well of course I watched fireworks. But we worked on my bedroom. It looks like a fit room. I can't wait until it is finially finished. That was the best picture my brother could mange of me in the air. But after jumping in the air for almost an hour I felt pretty knackered. But today I was in for it. When I woke up this morning, I was sore. From the top of my head to the tip of my toe.
I was pretty wound up. But I worked it off with a little church, working in first grade and a visit over my grandparents house...Where I enjoyed a bike ride in the beauty of the day. It really was quite a beautiful day. I loved it. I really love riding bikes I feel so free. But now at this time of nite.... I am pretty zonked out. So I am going to be going to bed in a bit . But I can't wait for the adventures/misadventures this week has in store for this surviver. Pip pip!
If you are reading.. have a good day, try new things, be WiLd!, and follow your dream*
Oh and if you were wondering about all the weird language. I am going to love London, and speak like I am there. Enjoy me :)


maddie. said...

haha i can jsut imagine owen taking like 100000 pictures and missing u every time you jump. haha i love you!

Anonymous said...

oh yes. Personally I thought he would do at least a little better than that. But I am knackered. and sore. :(( But give us a bell. I would love to talk with you :)

The Groovy Hotspot said...

knockered? zonked out? nice "idiom".. hahahaha lol

Savannah Rose said...

hahahah! I used British!!! lol. I knew if you saw this you'd say something!! lol. hahahah