Sunday, 23 August 2009

Jingle Bells

Goodness. Summer is almost done. I only have two solid weeks left to spend on summer. It's gone so fast. Just the other day I was up in Big Sur camping, now I am sitting here almost ready for school. But the coming of school means a couple of things. One, I get to go back to school. Two, Halloween is coming up, which I am really excited fot this year because of my fabulous costume of a diamond. Three, Christmas is going to be here THAT much sooner. And I am so excited for it to be Christmas...  I know this is no time really to talk about Christmas but Elaine got me really excited about it. I can't wait. But for now I still need to work on what I am going to wear for my first day of school, my last first day of Jr.High.
A Diamond In The Rough.\<>/


maddie. said...

and my birthday :)

Savannah said...

yes. hahah I and your birthday.

Jennalee said...

yay maddies birthday!!! :)
haha u silly savannah talking about Christmas all ready!!!

The Groovy Hotspot said...

haha and jamee, joy, jacko, and kittos bdays! lol which means non-stop cake and ice cream. plus the junk food holiday's naturaly bring....woot woot!

Anonymous said...

lol omg savannah. when you said the last first day of jr. high. i like gasped! i never thought of it that way! i miss you though, see you soon! =)


Jennalee said...

savannah post more :)