Monday, 3 August 2009

Up The Down, Down The Up

And that's how you ride an escalator. Especaily at the mall. Well, these days I have nothing at all to write about. It's like the same everyday. Swim. Friends. But with friends it's always different.
Lily Allen.. so cute. I just watched like 10 videos of her. It just makes me want to go to LND town even more. And the fact that Danny and Kristy are going to MOVE there, and have kids with accents just like... makes me soooooo jealous! This post took me like 34 minuets to write and publish..... sad.

A Diamond In The Rough.\<♥>/


The Groovy Hotspot said...

haha I love how your posts are like in code kind of. You Know?? like you dont just title it "a day iwth julia at the mall" your all like up the down down the up, it cute. Hahaha that was really funny escpeccialy when I couldn't go up the down and was like going nowhere hahah, then ppl started staring so I just went up the up like a normal pedestriann.haha remember "Is he normal?" "i don't know, ask him." haha wow this is so that lol was for you savan (i used your snazzy sliding technique)

Savannah said...

Thanks... that's what I am going for. haha I didn't understand like half of that comment but that's okay. And my transformation isn't going anywhere

maddie. said...

haha man i wanna go! haha. ive always wanted to go to like england and stuff... it seeeeems SO COOL! and julia i want to go to japan again! haha<3