Wednesday, 5 August 2009

What's Up Doc? Really, Why Do You Make Such Amazing Shoes.

  Freak'n Doc Martens are so cool. I just realized how much I love them, you can dress them with tights and a flouncy skirt ( justine<3). Or skinny jeans and a leather jacket. Or just whatever. These lovely shoes sell for about $115 -$150. They are sooo cool.
These are some of my little eye candies right now.
I am simply mad about these shoes. I want all of them.... now :) (hehehe)
A Diamond In The Rough.\<♥>/


Jennah said...

ORTHOPEDIC SHOESS!! :D haha i love you.

Savannah Rose said... that was really funny Jennah! hahaha and no they're not.

maddie. said...

haha whoaa! those are pretty funkaay :) but i like em!!!

<3 i love how you always find the coolest cutest randomness things.

Jennalee said...

yaaa i half to say i totally agree with maddie those r pretty funkay i dont think i could pulls those off!!! haha!!! but you could savs!!!

Savannah Rose said...

Thanks. I work on what I could pull off. My style changes like every semester. :)

maddie. said...

oh sav, you are so cute. your stlye does change... all the time :D

hehe, and you CAN basically pull off anything... its a gift ;)

The Groovy Hotspot said...

why do you delete my comments and no one else's?? (watch, this comment will be gone soon)

raney said...

i love the pink ones!