Tuesday, 10 November 2009


A post without no
A girl without no
A heart that's been
A door that's been
left open...
Just To Be
A heart without it's
A life without it's
A friend that needs
one badly.
A story that could
end sadly.
But It's Not Done..
That post could have a name.
That girl could have her fame.
The heart could not be broken.
That door can still be open.
That heart could just start beating.
That life could earn it's meaning.
That friend could a make a friend.
That story could have a happy end,
with 2nd chances.
They could save EVERYTHING!
I made it up one of those late nights.
A Diamond In The Rough.\<♥>/


Monique Rielle said...

Very nice. I like this post a lot.

Savannah Rose said...

Thank you.. a lot!

maddie. said...

wow thats reaalllyy cool :)

Savannah Rose said...


Jennalee said...

omg savs how amazingly cute!!! <3

The Groovy Hotspot said...

I love how you had to put a white period as the title.

Anonymous said...

omg savannah.
brilliant. =)

xoxo, amanda,3