Tuesday, 17 November 2009

It's Taken Long Enough.

Geez. It's long time no write for sure. I would say I haven't had time, but that'd be a lie. But I could say I just haven't thought of it, and that'd be the truth. Ya know things can go from one thing to another in the matter of a week. Like last week, when I posted I had never gone to six flags, and now when I am writing I have been to six flags ( huge difference right?!) OKay bigger than than. I have been thinking about life and how truely odd it is. How odd that we've made all this and, I don't know it's just mind boggling to me.
            Speaking of mind boggling, is why I can memorize pointless things instead of things that have points. I mean ugh! For example 1Peter 5:7"cast all your anxiety on Him because he cares for you." That'd come in handy alot, way more then the lyrics to Kate Nash's Merry Happy ( which is something that sadly I know completely over that verse.) I am not sure why.. well actually the beat is catchy and it just sticks with me, maybe I should just make a 1Peter song. But that's a verse that I constantly am in need of. I always need to be reminded to throw all the worry weight on God. And also that he cares for me, and that everything that happens, in the end something good will come my way. Math may suck, social studies may be horrible, and I might hate english, but in the end we're being taught those things for our own benifit. ( even if I forget this everyday while I am trying not to blow my top from boredom.)Enough rambling. I'll be posting more.

p.s. I am obsessed with learning French right now.
                                                                         Je en apprenant à vivre amoureux chaque jour.

P.s 100th POST!!!! ( It's Taken Long Enough)


maddie. said...

i agree about the whole verse thing its sad isnt it?? and by the way LOVE that verse.

CONGRATS 100 post :)

The Groovy Hotspot said...

Every time i go on your blog it makes me smile, its so happy and cute...:) love the song

Savannah said...

Thanks guys.
Maddie: I know right that's so retarded. Ugh!!! But I finally got that one down.
Julia: aw thanks. That's super DUPER (bahhah) nice of you to say that. And actually that makes me really happy . And I like the song too :)