Wednesday, 4 November 2009

New Segment

Alright, each frist Wednsday of the month I'll feature a new artist or someone I think is acceptionally good. This week I have picked someone named:
Diane Birch.
Diane Birch is  young singer with an extrodinary bluesy voice. I enjoy her music very much. I don't think everyone will take too much of a liking to her, you have to like a certain type of music, but I think she's just wonderful.

Enjoy these three wonderful pieces.



Anonymous said...

i like the song she is singing - the one as your background song :)it's really good and I like her.

maddie. said...

:) i like herrrr, and i looove the post below this one i LOVE YOU SO muchhhhMUCH savs <3

Savannah said...

thakns, I like her too.

and I am glad you like the other post