Saturday, 21 November 2009


Yesterday, my mom, grandma, and I went to a Christmas boutique. I wanted to buy EVERTYHING! All the items there were handmade by the vendor. They had great prices and the cutest things. And of course how could you go to one of those boutiques without buying anything? So I got this lovely royal blue hat, and an adorable pink flower pin. It's very cute. I put the pin on the hat and that became it's permenant spot, it is too sweet looking to take off.

I already have outfits picked out to wear it with. It's unbelievably cute on and I can't wait to wear it.



The Groovy Hotspot said...

haha i love the picture of you in the welcome thing, well i love it all and thats saying somethine cause i um dont like alot of things..:)

Savannah said...

hahaha thanks, I thought it'd be a fun touch! And that is saying something. I am very glad you like it.

maddie. said...

i like this a lot. haha. that hat is adorable! and haha, i know that picture is cuuute. poor corinne she got cut out of it :P BAHA.

Jennalee said...

haha savannah u are to cute.

Savannah said...

haha thanks mads. I am glad you approve! And I know! I can wait to wear the hat.

And thanks Jennalee you are to! Way to still post on your blog!